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LumberFamily feels (source)


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two dads tell their adopted son that he is adopted

he looks at them and bursts into tears

"i thought you were my fathers … but you were just faux pas"

i am happy this post is getting notes because we need more queer representation in awful jokes

fight for social justice today; add lgbtqia people to shitty horrible groan-inducing life-ruining puns

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Nature: No Photoshop required.

1. Lenticular Clouds
2. Anvil Clouds
3. Cirrus Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds
4. Fallstreak Hole
5. Mammatus Clouds
6. Polar Stratospheric Cloud
7. Roll Cloud
8. Undulatus Asperatus
9. Mammatus Clouds
10. Undulatus Asperatus

Seeing mammatus clouds in real life is one of the most surreal things I’ve ever experienced.

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im waiting for the day i can use this as a reaction image and confuse everyone for a good 5-30 seconds before they get it


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Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan worked together on making The Golden Record, a message sent out to space for any extraterrestrials to find and learn about existence on Earth. Ann Druyan had the idea of putting human brain waves as one of the sounds used so whoever finds it could learn and understand human thought. While working together, they both fell in love with each other. Carl proposed to her and shortly after she decided to record her brainwaves. So instead of sending out brainwaves thinking about history and science and all that was originally planned she recorded herself thinking about love, true love and that’s what was sent out into the unknown universe. If you don’t think that’s beautiful you’re lying.

(Source: science.nasa.gov)

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sometimes i think that i am not so stereotypical of an american

and then i remember that i consider the coke freestyle machine one of the greatest modern inventions

i mean look at this thing


it’s beautiful

over 100 choices, computerized mixing, one spout, touch screen, ice dispenser


like wow

have u ever seen anything so wondrous and beautiful??

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bless whoever writes the fish puns for animal crossing. may they live a long and happy life

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This is Sharpay Evans.

In her junior year, all her hard work she’d put into the East High drama department was thrown down the drain when a ruthless monster named Gabriella Montez transferred to the school and heartlessly seized the leading role from her.

Over the summer break between her junior and senior years, she was stabbed in the back by her own twin brother mere moments before she was meant to go on at a talent show, and she was deprived of the prestigious Star Dazzle Award that she - and not Gabriella Montez - deserved.

In her senior year, she was betrayed yet again. Sharpay, out of the goodness of her own heart, took a British exchange student named Tiara under her wing. Tiara turned on Sharpay and stole her role in the spring musical.

Nevertheless, Sharpay managed to bounce back, and she overcame all that stood between her and her dreams.

Everyday, I am inspired by her strength. Like and reblog if you are too.

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Heroes in a clone shell. Orphan power!

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Orphan Black | Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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Estemmenosuchus mirabilis was a 4-5m long Permian therapsid. It possessed large horns, and a fierce but mixed dentition, indicating that it was probably omnivorous. Fossilised skin impressions hav been discovered, and they show that this animal had smooth skin with no hair or scales. Because of its size it had a small surface to volume ratio, meaning that its body temperature remained relatively stable. This is mostly true for all other large Permian therapsids, and is key to their success.

I’ll always be bewildered to the fact that this was once alive.



This is one of those restorations that I take with a massive grain of salt.

Don’t forget, a hippo skull looks like this:

Whilst an actual hippo’s head looks like this:

If the modern hippo had been alive back then and its skull was unearthed you KNOW the restoration of it would look crazy, and those teeth would stick outside the lips.

This seems like another example of palaeoartist restorations not realising that these animals had layers of fat and muscle and anything apart from a layer of skin.

You mean like this?

Haha yes! That’s amazing! Does go to show though!

Beautiful! Makes me want to draw more modern animals as they would be interpreted by someone who had only seen the bones. 
Anyone else interested in that stuff, I recommend cmkosemenillustratednyctopterus (John Conway), and Tetrapod Zoology (Darren Naish.) And this free book, All your Yesterdays! (Donations accepted)

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Abbi’s instagram.

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did you just say the n word?

white person:


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 Note: The REAL Piper of Orange is the New Black has clearly stated, "Well, you know, I’m bisexual so, I’m a part of the gay community.” Additionally she has pointed out that she came out at "either 18 or 19", and "had relationships with many, many women before I met Nora and after I met Nora."

So viewers should be aware that it was a "creative decision" of the shows writers, producers + NetFlix to minimize and erase the character’s actual + stated bisexuality by never using the "B-Word", turning her instead into a tired bisexual trope. This should not be viewed as at all realistic.

IRL Piper Kerman is a strong, interesting, out bisexual women in a different gender marriage, who participates in her LGBT Community and works hard for Prison Reform.

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dear cas